GreenCore Selects Stable’s EV Charging Site Selection Software to Build 10,000 Charging Plazas Where Drivers Need Them

MARCH 4, 2022 — San Francisco-based Stable, which analyzes electric vehicle charging usage for prospective charging site locations using proprietary prediction software, has been selected by GreenCore EV Services to inform where the company plans to locate and build several thousand Solar-Powered EV Charging Plazas by the end of the decade.

“We’ve all seen charging stations placed where no one wants to use them,” says GreenCore CEO Frank Baumann. “GreenCore already puts tremendous care into locating our Solar-Powered EV Charging Plazas where drivers need and want them. Now, thanks to Stable’s insights based on actual EV charging usage, we can get much more precise in our decision-making and ensure our Solar-Powered EV Charging Plazas are set up for success.”

Stable’s Machine Learning models analyze millions of real-life charging sessions from thousands of EV chargers to understand how factors such as traffic, EV sales, income, and nearby attractions impact site utilization. Stable’s software builds all of that knowledge into a single number so that anyone can quickly understand how new sites will perform, and can also provide a detailed analysis of demand for EV charging at a given site.

“With billions of public and private dollars now dedicated to EV infrastructure, it’s essential that those investment decisions are grounded in data,” says Stable CEO and cofounder Rohan Puri. “We’re proud to help GreenCore meet their goal to strategically place thousands of solar-powered chargers in the most desirable locations for drivers.”

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