DC Fast Charger Statistics

Below is our new EVAdoption/EVStation DC Fast Charger Leaderboard. Each month will we update the table with the number of new DC fast charging ports opened that month, the total YTD, and the total all time. We will soon be launching detailed monthly DCFC and Level 2 charging statistics available to access via an online database and monthly subscription. If you’d to be notified when this subscription service becomes available, or have other charging or EV sales data needs, let us know via our contact form.

Highlights for the month of June 2023:

  • Tesla continues its DC fast charger domination with 731 new Supercharger ports added in June and 2,670 YTD, for an average of 445 new Superchargers opened per month. The Tesla Supercharger network now commands nearly 63% of all US public DC fast chargers.
  • EVgo (130) and ChargePoint (85) were a distant second and third. ChargePoint of course is not a charge point operator (CPO) as they don’t own and operate these chargers, but they are clearly seeing increased demand for businesses hosting their DC fast chargers in 2023.
  • The number of new DCFC ports opened by Electrify America has slowed considerably from 2022, with the company only adding 23 and 151 ports in June and YTD 2023.
  • The Rivian Adventure Network surpassed Electrify America with 151 new DCFC ports opened YTD, but trails EA by 2,969 ports overall.
  • Francis Energy, the Oklahoma-based regional fast charging network, while now the seventh largest overall, has only opened 10 new chargers in 2023, and zero new chargers in June. The company, which has relied heavily on grants from the Volkswagen settlement, maybe waiting on several states to open their NEVI application process before continuing their regional expansion efforts.
  • Interestingly, Circle K and 7-Eleven, the two largest convenience store chains globally, are running neck and neck overall with 48 ports for Circle K and 46 for 7-Eleven. However, YTD in 2023, Circle K has added 42 new DCFC ports, to only 12 for 7-Eleven. Of the two companies, Circle K has been more aggressive in 2023, opening 88% of its total number of ports, versus 26% for 7-Eleven.

Note: The database-driven table make take a few seconds to load. Last updated: July 1, 2023


2021 DC Fast Charging Statistics

The number of DC fast chargers (ports) grew by more than 4,200, an increase of 24 percent at the end of 2021 versus year-end 2020, according to new EVAdoption, LLC analysis based on Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) data.

The 4,216 new DC fast chargers was well below the 13,883 Level 2 charger growth over the same period, however the number of Level 2 chargers with a much larger base grew at a lower rate of 18 percent. With $7.5 billion earmarked for three different EV charging infrastructure programs plus the DOE loan program and a doubling of new EV sales in the US, we expect even greater growth in 2022. The number of Level 2 chargers could grow to 105,000 to 110,000 and DC fast chargers to 27,000 to 30,000.

The major charging networks including Tesla Supercharger (DC fast charging) and Destination Charging (Level 2), Electrify America, EVgo, and ChargePoint will account for the bulk of the growth in 2022, however convenience store chains such as 7-Eleven and CircleK along with regional networks such as Francis Energy and EVRange will also help fuel growth especially of DC fast chargers.

Dec 31 2021 vs Dec 31, 2020 L2 & DCFC ports-chart