Charging station incentives

Federal EV Charging Incentives

National Electric Vehicle Formula Program: $5 Billion over 5 years funding to states based upon population formula to create EV charging stations for acquisition, installation, operation, maintenance and data sharing not to exceed 80% of costs with 20% that can be financed over long-term performance contracts.

Alternative Fuel Corridor (AFC) Grants: $2.5 Billion over 5 years as competitive grants for publicly accessible EV charging along designated alternative fuel corridors to states, cities, and public entities with priority to rural, low/moderate income and low private parking ratios.

  • These grants are especially intended to fill in gaps along travel corridors and rural areas that are currently underserved by the private sector charging networks.

The commercial EV charging tax credit expired on December 31, 2021. This credit covered 30% of the cost for equipment and installation, up to $30,000. If a business has multiple locations, the credit could be applied toward an installation at each one. While there is no current news on the status of the credit, it is expected that it might be extended in the near future.