Tesla NACS Charger Adoption Tracker

On May 25, CEO Jim Farley announced that in 2025, Ford would use the Tesla NACS charge port connector to its second generation EVs, in replacement of the CCS connector. And that beginning in early 2024, Ford BEVs would be able to access Tesla Superchargers via an adapter.

The Ford/Tesla partnership sent shockwaves through the auto industry and EV charging ecosystem, and set off a domino effect of other companies announcing that they would be adopting the NACS connector to their electric vehicles or charging hardware.

Since the Ford announcement, more than two dozen automaker brands have announced they will adopt NACS.  As of January 16, Stellantis and Mitsubishi are remaining automakers that have yet to announced adoption of NACS. (Note: Aptera announced they would adopt NACS in late 2022, and a few charging hardware companies adopted or made an NACS connector available on dual-connector chargers as an option upon request.)

With the Texas DOT announcement on June 20, 2023 that NEVI applicants in their state would now have to include both CCS and NACS connectors, we’ve added another category – States-NEVI.

If we’ve missed any announcements, let us know via our contact form.

Note: The database table below can be sorted and filtered, and has several default menu filter menus — it also may take a few seconds to load.) Last updated: January 16, 2024.


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