Charging stations

Low-Power Charging Solutions

While billions of dollars will be spent on building out DC fast chargers and Level 2 chargers in the US over the next several years, low-power “Level 1” (120 Volt) outlets or chargers are ideal and more economical than Level 2 for many long-dwell parking use cases.

These use cases include:

  • Airports (where EVs can be parked for from 8-12 hours for people taking regional flights, to several days)
  • Multi-family housing – apartments and condominiums (EVs are parked overnight often for 12 or more hours)
  • Mass transit parking lots (commuters drive to and from train stations with their car parked typically for 8-10 hours)
  • Workplace locations (employees leave their car parked for 8+ hours and do not want to have to move it when done charging at a Level 2 so another fellow employee can use the same charger)

Low Power / Level 1 Chargers / 120 Volt Smart Outlets