Charging Resources

Site Host Charging Best Practices

  • Train Employees: All employees should be trained on the location, usage policies, and basic questions and issues that may arise from guests.
  • Signage: Install signage with explicit verbiage that the parking is for the EVs that are charging and only for guests (if true).
  • Access Control: If chargers are only for use by guests, use an appropriate access control method such as a lock, room key reader, or activation code.
  • Level 1 for PHEVs: While Level 2 chargers are the most commonly used chargers at hotels, consider deploying simple 120 Volt smart charger outlets that can be used for PHEVs and BEV drivers that may only need to add 25 to 50 miles overnight.
  • Safe Location: Ensure chargers are located in a safe and well-lit area as they will often be used late at night.
  • Plan for Expansion: At minimum deploy 2 to 4 chargers at a hotel but locate chargers where there is room for several more parking spaces and where chargers can easily be expanded to 8 to 12 and with the necessary wiring and power infrastructure also available.