EVgo Launches “EVgo ReNew” to Enhance and Improve Fast Charging Experience Nationwide

EVgo, a public fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), has launched an enhanced and comprehensive maintenance program called EVgo ReNew, designed to ensure stations across the network meet quality and technology standards.

The program includes six core pillars: Prevention, Diagnostics, Rapid Response, Analysis, Resilience, and Continuous Customer Service. As part of the program, EVgo plans to replace, upgrade, or retire hundreds of stations over the coming year to enhance charger availability and build range confidence for EV drivers of all types.

EVgo evaluates sites based on historic charger performance, current and forecast user demand, technical capacity at the location, and proximity to other fast charging stations. In addition, the program identifies sites for decommissioning based on proprietary market analysis, data-driven insights, and customer feedback. Through the program, EVgo seeks to ensure that all EV drivers can take advantage of reliable, convenient and fast charging sessions across the network.

Source: EVgo press release
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