Electrify America Announces Construction Start to Electrify America Solar Glow™ 1

Electrify America has announced the groundbreaking of a new solar photovoltaic renewable energy generation project called Electrify America Solar Glow 1 in San Bernardino County, California. The 75 MW facility is expected to generate an estimated annual production of 225,000 Megawatt hours at peak solar capacity.

The project is part of the company’s commitment to a net-zero carbon footprint for energy delivered to drivers charging on its coast-to-coast public, ultra-fast DC charging network. The 15-year virtual power purchase agreement with developer Terra-Gen will increase renewable energy generation and help the company meet its sustainability goals.

Electrify America’s investment is estimated to avoid 2 million metric tons in CO2 emissions over 15 years, and it will contribute to “additionality” by producing new renewable energy that may not be available otherwise.

Source: Electrify America press release

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