Volvo Cars tests new wireless charging technology

Volvo Cars Tests New Wireless EV Charging Technology

Volvo Cars is integrating and testing a new wireless charging technology over a three-year period using a small fleet of fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge cars and charged wirelessly at stations in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ford F-150 Lightning with Charge Station Pro

Ford Prices Charge Station Pro At $1,310

The Ford Charge Station Pro, which is the foundation of Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power used with the upcoming F-150 Lightning in the event of a power outage, has been priced at $1,310.

Siemens VersiCharge XL

Siemens and Nexii Unveil Above-Ground EV Charging Infrastructure Prototype Designed For Faster Deployment

Siemens unveiled a new sustainable, EV charging concept structure designed for electrifying fleets and high demand charging applications at scale. Their new VersiCharge XL concept was created to electrify new or existing parking lots and building structures quickly and efficiently by using a modular, scalable design made in partnership with Nexii Building Solutions (Nexii) using their proprietary, sustainable building material with low carbon footprint.